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Pure Power Add Capsule:
  • 1. Pure Power Add Capsule gives complete stamina to the male body for better mode and good physical performance with his partner.
  • 2. It helps in increasing WBC (White Blood Cells).
  • 3. It helps in increasing in Sperm Count.
Herlex Tablet:
  • 1. Herlex Tablet maintains good digestive system so that there is no chance of gastric or any disorder in the male body.
  • 2. It helps in digestion of food which we intake in our whole day.

Pure Power (Basic Program) Add Capsule And Herlex Tablet

  • Rs.4,500.00
  • Ex Tax: Rs.4,500.00
  • Product Code: pphtb
  • Availability: 99
Pure Power Add Capsule And Herlex Table (Basic Program)
Dosage:- 1-2 Dose daily or as directed by the physician.
Ingredients (Herlex Tablet):- Haritaki(150 Mg), Senna(60 Mg), Nisoth(60 Mg), Sonth(60 Mg), Saunf(30 Mg), Ajwain(25 Mg), Sudh Jaiphal (15 Mg)
Ingredients (Pure Power Add Capsule):- Safed Musali(30 Mg), Salam Panja(25 Mg), Sonth(20 Mg), Kalimirch(20 Mg), Beej Bandh(30 Mg), Shudh Shilajit(25 Mg), Gokharu Chhota(30 Mg), Nagkeshar(20 Mg), Satwar(25 Mg), Ashwangadha(25 Mg), Javitri(20 Mg), Talmakhana(25 Mg), Sudh Konch(30 Mg), Kamalgatta(25 Mg), Vanshlochan(25 Mg), Vidarikand(30 Mg), Akarkara(30 Mg), Salam Mishri(30 Mg), Utangan(30 Mg)

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